Export documentation in multiple formats including HTML, PDF, and video. Record actions once and export into multiple formats and keep them always synced.


Having trouble recording your screen to make a perfect video? JudoHelp lets you easily edit your recording so you don't have to do over screen recordings.


Need to provide written documentation for your app? JudoHelp lets you easily create professional PDF and HTML documentation from your screen recordings.

Create documents in multiple formats.

Need to create documentation for your software application in PDF, HTML, and as a video? We've got you convered. Record yourself using the app, and JudoHelp will help you edit your recording and export it into multiple formats.

Easily create how-to videos for your app.

Do you spend time recording your screen multiple times because it's never quite perfect? JudoHelp allows you to easily edit your recording and export it as a perfectly baked video.

Make help workflows without saving screenshots.

No more saving multiple screenshots to create a single help document. JudoHelp records the screen as you use your software app and lets you make edits after you're done with the whole workflow.